129 INTERESSENGRUPPEN Working in international companies Understanding and navigating an intercultural environment How cultures differ above and below the surface Different expectations within cultures Characteristics of cultures and the most important differences between them Avoiding cultural faux pas and taboos Reaching out to a group what does this mean for culturally mixed groups Expectations and ideas about trade unions and how to approach people coming from a different culture Tips for successful intercultural communication Das Seminar wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt Kagel Möllenhorst 03 11 08 11 2024 HV 003 570401 24 Beginn Sonntag 18 00 Uhr Ende Freitag 12 45 Uhr Unbenannt 1 2 25 07 2018 12 01 07 5 Akademiker innen Außertariflich Beschäftigte Englisch Interkulturell Foto luckybusiness stock adobe com AT BESCHÄFTIGTE AKADEMIKER INNEN

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